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Scrap Car Medway How Frequently Asked Questions

scrap car medway frequently asked questions

How can scrap car medway pay cash for scrap cars?

We are allowed to pay cash for cars because we buy them as a car not for scrap, Also we do car repairs. 

Do scrap car medway sell used car parts?

The answer to that in no we do not, however new parts are cheaper than you think.

What happens after my scrap Car is taken away?

We Look at your car to see what we can do with it.

Shall I drain all the fuel and fluids that are in my scrap Car?

No Definetly Not Very Dangourous. We will remove any fuel left in the fuel tank in a controled & safe environment.

Do you only scrap Cars?

No, we can also Scrap Vans, Lorries, Forklifts as well as Cars We also Buy Cars for resale.

From what areas can you tow away scrap Cars?

We’re also able to collect Scrap Cars from Strood, Medway, Chatham, Medway, Maidstone, Higham, Medway, Medway, and into SE London. Even if your Car is not in the Medway area, we may be able to take it. Just Give us a Call or Email Us to find out whether we can help.

Can I claim back unused road tax?

Your Road TAX is refunded automatically when DVLA receive section 9 of the registration document (the yellow section).

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